Bonnie Keen

Jan 01, 2003
Jan 01, 1999

Bonnie Keen is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1984 Pam Mark Hall Supply and Demand Background Vocals
1984 Sandi Patty Songs from the Heart Background Vocals
1984 Pete Carlson Child of the Heavenly Background Vocals
1985 Angie Lewis Heart Dance Background Vocals
1985 David Meece 7 Background Vocals
1985 Wayne Watson Giants in the Land Background Vocals
1985 First Call An Evening in December Vocals
1985 Carman The Champion Background Vocals
1985 Scott Wesley Brown Somebody's Brother Background Vocals
1986 Angie Lewis What's It Gonna Take Background Vocals
1986 Candy Christmas Arms of Love Background Vocals
1986 Sonlight Outta This World Background Vocals
1986 Sandi Patty Morning Like This Background and Choir Vocals
1986 Carman A Long Time Ago in a Land Called Bethleham Background Vocals
1986 Tony Elenburg First Things First Background Vocals
1987 First Call An Evening in December Volume 2 Vocals
1987 First Call Undivided Vocals
1987 First Call Somethin' Takes Over Vocals
1988 Sandi Patty Make His Praise Glorious Background Vocals
1989 Russ Taff The Way Home Background Vocals
1991 Russ Taff Under Their Influence Vocals
1992 Michael W. Smith Change Your World Background Vocals
1992 First Call Human Song Songwriter, Vocals
1992 Amy Grant Home for Christmas Background Vocals
1993 Gaither Vocal Band Southern Classics Choir
1993 Carman The Standard Background Vocals
1993 First Call Sacred Journey Producer, Songwriter, Vocals
1994 First Call La Razón de Cantar Vocals, Songwriter, Producer
1995 Russ Taff Winds of Change Background Vocals
1995 First Call Beyond December Songwriter, Arrangements, Vocals
1995 Brian Barrett Nailed in Stone Background Vocals
1995 Carman R.I.O.T. Background Vocals
1996 First Call First Call Vocals
1998 Buddy Greene Christmas...Not Just Any Night Background Vocals
1998 Carman Mission 3:16 Background Vocals, Choir Vocals
1999 Russ Taff Right Here Right Now Background & Harmony Vocals
2016 First Call Second Birth Vocals

Bonnie Keen

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