CMA Business as Mission: Mercy, inc.


Jun 20, 2021

Armond Morales, a member of the Imperials, is in need of serious heart surgery. He has been dealing with serious health issues since battling cancer. Please pray for God's healing and provision.

Jun 19, 2021

Michael James Murphy writes, "Pray for us as we relaunch church services indoors. Our county, Santa Clara County, has been the strictest county regarding COVID-19 regulations in the country. Pray for God's peace to surround us all."

Jun 18, 2021

Jimmy Abegg writes, "I’ll take prayers. God always seems to know what I need so I’ll trust that your prayer will align with his work in my life. Thanks so much."

Jun 17, 2021

David Phelps is in concert tonight in Asheville, NC. Pray that God uses tonight to encourage fans. And pray for David while he is traveling on the road.

Jun 16, 2021

Bryan Duncan asks us to pray for a vision of what God has in mind and how he can be a part of it. "I want to be a part of inviting people to approach the truth, love, and grace of God."

Jun 15, 2021

Matthew Ward writes, "You can pray that God would give me clear directions, and the finances to carry out that direction!"