Ray Repp

Jan 01, 1972

Ray Repp is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1983 Undercover God Rules Songwriter
1988 Undercover Volume 1 Songwriter
1993 Phil Keaggy Revelator Songwriter
1993 Phil Keaggy Crimson and Blue Songwriter
1994 Phil Keaggy Blue Songwriter
1995 Phil Keaggy Time 2 Songwriter
2001 Phil Keaggy Songs About What Matters Songwriter

Ray Repp


Ray Repp is a Roman Catholic singer-songwriter credited with introducing folk music into Catholic masses with his 1965 album Mass for Young Americans that formed the earliest stirrings of Contemporary Christian music. (Not all of his music was squarely religious; "Don't Go In the Street" and "Apple Pie" from The Time Has Not Come True featured sometimes humorous, prescient left-leaning social commentary.)

Since that early collection, he has recorded 11 collections which have been translated into as many as 28 languages and has won ASCAP's "Award for Special Contributions to the Field of Music" 6 times. His music collection is now available in CD form. They include: The Best of Ray Repp Vol.1 & 2 and Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, all songs written from 1965-1985.

Repp's music has been recorded by those outside the Catholic church as well. Christian punk outfit Undercover and Christian rocker Phil Keaggy have seen fit to cover Repp's work on their own discs.


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