Various Artists

Never Say Dinosaur

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Jun 11, 1996


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Track Listing

Title Duration
Taste and See
featuring: Audio Adrenaline
Judas' Kiss 4:34
Not of This World
featuring: Galactic Cowboys
Yahweh Love
featuring: Sarah Jahn
I Can Be Friends With You
featuring: MxPx
Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows
featuring: Jars of Clay
Louie's Solo
featuring: Kevin Max, Passafist
Road to Zion 5:43
Pied Piper
featuring: The Stand
Wake Up
featuring: Grammatrain
The Coloring Song
featuring: Caprill Champion
All the King's Horses
featuring: Plankeye

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Music Stack



Member Role
Dale Baker Drums, Percussion
Joe Baldridge Mixed
Eric Balmer Guitar
Robert Bender Background Vocals
Ron Bennett Second Engineer
Ryan Birsinger Engineer, Mixed
Barry Blair Guitars
Jeremy Bose Arrangements, Tracking Assistance, Keyboards, Accordion, Background Vocals
Brent Bourgeois Producer, Arrangements, Programming
Fran Breen Drums
Steve Brewster Drums
Matt Bronleewe Arrangements, Guitars
Reno Caruso Guitar, Slide, Background Vocals
Waco Caruso Guitar, Bass, Noise, Vocals
Caprill Champion Vocals
Monty Colvin Bass, Background Vocals
Joe Costa Mix Assistant
Kemper Crabb Recorder, Background Vocals
David Davidson Violin
Alan Doss Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Drums
Erin Douglas Vocals
Dave Eden Songwriter
John Elliott Songwriter, Programming
Timothy Erwin Background Vocals
Gene Eugene Producer, Recorded, Mixed
Wally Farkas Guitars, Background Vocals
Adam Ferry Drums
Erik Flettrich Engineer
Luis Garcia Bass
Mike Golafshar Percussion
Grammatrain Producer
John Hampton Producer, Engineer, Mixed
Craig Hansen Engineer, Mixed
Darrell Harris Executive Producer
Bob Hartman Songwriter
Dan Haseltine Vocals
Melissa Hasin Cello
Bob Herdman Keyboard
Mike Herrera Arrangements, Bass, Vocal
Greg Herrington Drums
Greg Hough Songwriter
Mike Hudson Songwriter
Ben Huggins Vocals
David Jahn Bass
Sarah Jahn Arrangements, Background Vocals, Vocals
Jars of Clay Arrangements
JB Baird Mixed
Kirk "Jelly Roll" Johnson Harmonica
Phil Keaggy Bass
Andreas Krause Additional Engineer
Steve Latanation Drums
Hunter Lee Pipes, Penny Whistle
Charlie Lowell Background Vocals
Phil Madeira Keyboards
Stephen Marcussen Mastered
Carl Marsh Fairlight Strings, Keyboards
Stephen Mason Guitars, Background Vocals
Kevin Max Vocals
Rick May Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Crums
Brian McDonough Drums
Will McGinniss Bass
Brent Milligan Bass
Paul Mills Producer, Arrangements, Engineer, Mixed, Sampling, Programming
Bob Moon Producer, Engineer, Mixed
Curry Muse Vocals
Leigh Nash Vocals
Lynn Arthur Nichols Executive Producer, Producer, Songwriter, Engineer, Mixed, Guitars
Tommy Nisniewiski Guitars
Amy Odenbaugh Vocals
Matt Odmark Acoustic Guitar
Steve Pannier Guitar
Dennis Patton Programming
Dave Perkins Executive Producer, Producer, Songwriter, Engineer, Second Engineer, Mixed, Buitars
Kyle-Michael Perkins Second Engineer
Jeff Pitzer Engineer
Plankeye Producer, Arrangements
J.J. Plasencio Bass
Mark Robertson Bass, Background Vocals
Walter Paul Robinette Vocals
Mark Rodriguez Mixed
Dalton Roraback Bass
Paul Roraback Drums
Yuri Ruley Drums
Scott Savage Drums
David Schober Mixed
Scott Silletta Guitar, Vocals
Tommy Sims Bass
Sixpence None The Richer Arrangements
Matt Slocum Guitar
Aaron Sprinkle Producer, Engineer, Mixed
David Stenske Viola
Pete Stewart Guitar, Vocals
Kristine Stroupe Opera Vocal
Mark Stuart Vocals
Aaron Swihart Assistant Engineer, Mix Engineer
Tony Valenziano Guitar, Vocals
Aaron Warner Mixed
Rob Watson String Arrangements, Strings
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