Various Artists

When Worlds Collide: A Tribute to Daniel Amos

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Jan 01, 2000


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A Various Artists tribute to the band Daniel Amos.

Track Listing

Title Duration
I Love You #19 3:41
William Blake 0:00
Shotgun Angel 3:38
Alarma! 0:00
Stone Away 0:00
Shedding The Mortal Coil 0:00
Hell Oh 0:00
Strange Animals 0:00
Beautiful One 0:00
The Pool 0:00
Hold Back the Wind, Donna 0:00
Blowing Smoke 0:00
Through The Speakers 0:00
Real Girls 0:00
The Incredible Shrinking Man 0:00
Hound of Heaven 0:00
It's The 80's 0:00
(Out of) The Wild Wood 0:00

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Music Stack



Member Role
Jimmy Abegg Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Rick Altizer Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Guitar, Drums, Vocals
Nick Amoroso Sleigh Bells
Jennifer Anderson Vocals
John Austin Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Steve Bryson Bass
Jordan Campbell Vocals
Julia Campbell Vocals
William Campbell Producer, Mixed, Guitars, Percussion, Vocals
Claire Carr Vocals
Hannah Carr Vocals
Jason Carter Drums
Matthew Carter Producer, Mixed, Keyboards, Piano, Vocals
Eric Clayton Producer, String Arrangements, Vocals
Nichole Clayton Vocals
Jeff Cloud Bass
Derri Daugherty Mixed
Clint Davidson Bass, Hand Claps
Jerry Davison Guitars, Drums, Loops, Vocals
Erin Echo Vocals
Jeff Elbel Producer, Mixed, Guitars, Trombone, Percussion, Vocals
Melinda Elbel Percussion, Hand Claps
Harry Evans Drums, Vocals
Harv Evans Guitar
Wayne Everett Percussion
Joe Fajen Djembe
Dave Gantenbein Fretless Bass
Joan George Vocals
Joy Gewalt Vocals
Mike Glendinning Producer, Bass, Drums
Alan Grossman Guitars, Vocals
Nancy Hall Vocals
Mikey Hamada Bass Trombone
Mark Harmon Producer, Bass, Vocals
Brian Healy Producer, Vocals
Robert Hereindt Loops and Programming, Mbira, Vocals
Steve Hindalong Percussion
Rich Iwason Trumpet
Phil Madeira Producer, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Organ, Pedal Steel, Accordion, Vocals
Jason Martin Guitars, Vocals
Bobby Mittan Bass
Jimm Mosher Producer, Mixed, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Vocals
Dean Nitz Bass
Larry Norman Producer, Vocals
Tom Nunes Bass
Lee Parvin Mixed
Josh Ramsey Drums, Triangle, Vocals
Scott Reams Mixed, Keyboards
Peter Rhee Hand Claps
Michael Roe Producer, Guitars, Vocals
Bill Romansky Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Edward Schofield Guitars
Brent Seehusen Tenor Saxophone
Julian Snow Keyboards
Bruce Spencer Producer, Drums
Joe Spezza Vocals
Karen Stackpole Engineer
Randy Stonehill Guitars, Vocals
Miro Svetinsky Engineer, Mixed
Douglas TenNapel Vocals
Ken Tighe Guitars
Eric Townsend Executive Producer
Jason Townsend Executive Producer
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