Matrix Years

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Jan 01, 2001


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Disc 1 (20 tracks) is a reissue of the first two albums of Matrix (1983's PG-13 and 1984's Monkey See Monkey Do), which was the pre-Bride incarnation of the band, and Disc 2 (20 tracks) is a reissue of Lost Reels.

Track Listing

Title Duration
We Got Rhythm 0:00
Who Killed the Rock Hero 0:00
Get Away 0:00
What's the Point 0:00
Good Rock and Roll 0:00
Stand Up and Shout 0:00
West of the Moon 0:00
Spell House 0:00
To Make You Think It's Real 0:00
Missing Children 0:00
Hero's 0:00
Fright 0:00
Remember Me 0:00
Now You See Me (Now You Don't) 0:00
All Hallow's Eve 0:00
Slippin into the Light 0:00
We Are Going to Make It 0:00
Look at Me Now 0:00
He's the Flyer 0:00
What Must I Do 0:00
How Long 0:00
Fine Line 0:00
Only Hurts When I Laugh 0:00
Lisa 0:00
Let the Son Shine 0:00
I Don't Get It 0:00
Hollywood 0:00
Sugar 0:00
I'm the Devil 0:00
Good Rock 'n' Roll 0:00
Dirty 0:00
18 0:00
Help 0:00
Could You Live in My World 0:00
Think About Our Future 0:00
Sleepy Southern Town 0:00
Pyramid 0:00
Echoes of Mercy 0:00
I Miss Dancing with You 0:00
It's the Devil 0:00

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Member Role
Dale Thompson Songwriter, Vocals
Troy Thompson Songwriter, Guitars
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