Matrix Years

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Jan 01, 2001


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Disc 1 (20 tracks) is a reissue of the first two albums of Matrix (1983's PG-13 and 1984's Monkey See Monkey Do), which was the pre-Bride incarnation of the band, and Disc 2 (20 tracks) is a reissue of Lost Reels.

Track Listing

Title Duration
We Got Rhythm 00
Who Killed the Rock Hero 00
Get Away 00
What's the Point 00
Good Rock and Roll 00
Stand Up and Shout 00
West of the Moon 00
Spell House 00
To Make You Think It's Real 00
Missing Children 00
Hero's 00
Fright 00
Remember Me 00
Now You See Me (Now You Don't) 00
All Hallow's Eve 00
Slippin into the Light 00
We Are Going to Make It 00
Look at Me Now 00
He's the Flyer 00
What Must I Do 00
How Long 00
Fine Line 00
Only Hurts When I Laugh 00
Lisa 00
Let the Son Shine 00
I Don't Get It 00
Hollywood 00
Sugar 00
I'm the Devil 00
Good Rock 'n' Roll 00
Dirty 00
18 00
Help 00
Could You Live in My World 00
Think About Our Future 00
Sleepy Southern Town 00
Pyramid 00
Echoes of Mercy 00
I Miss Dancing with You 00
It's the Devil 00

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Member Role
Dale Thompson Songwriter, Vocals
Troy Thompson Songwriter, Guitars
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