Philip Bailey

Family Affair

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Jan 01, 1989


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Track Listing

Title Duration
This is How the Work Gets Done 00
Family Affair 00
No Compromise 00
Lonely Broken Hearted People 00
Oasis 00
Where Can I Go? 00
Let's Talk About Jesus 00
Love That Lasts 00
Call to War 00
Lord You Reign 00

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Member Role
Producer, Songwriter, Drums, Vocals
Bruce Allen B-3 Organ
Sandra Arenz Oboe
John Askew Vocals
Robin Brown Vocals
Pat Buchanan Guitars
Carl Caldwell Vocals
Daryl Coley Vocals
Robert Craig Vocals
William E. Croom, Jr. Vocals
Renee Crutcher Vocals
Gwen Culp Vocals
Mittie Dawson-Allen Vocals
Gina Dowell Vocals
Jere Flint Strings
Andrew Gouche Bass
Taj Harmon Vocals
Andrea Hurst Vocals
Jean Johnson Vocals
Nancy Maddox Strings
Ed Marshall Vocals
Scott Meeder Drums
Rick Nelson Vocals
Leon Patillo Vocals
Charlie Peacock Songwriter
Oscar Pereira Strings
Sheldon Reynolds Guitars
Monty Seward Keyboards
Willard Shull Strings
Alfie Silas Vocals
Richard Smallwood Keyboards
Shannon Sterling Vocals
Rev. Oliver W. Wells Songwriter, Keyboards
Kirk Whalum Saxophone
Tom White French Horn
Eddie Williams Vocals
Morgan Winters Keyboards
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