Addicted to Jesus

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Dec 07, 1991


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Track Listing

Title Duration
Our Turn Now 5:30
Holy Ghost Hop 4:14
Satan, Bite the Dust! 3:55
1955 4:42
Hunger for Holiness 5:52
Come Into This House 4:33
Addicted to Jesus 5:09
Jesus is the Way 4:00
The Third Heaven 7:49

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Music Stack



Member Role
Jeff Balding Mixed
Mark Baldwin Guitars
Doug Beiden Engineer, Mixed
Pattie Bezue Choir Vocals
Janet Brown Choir Vocals
Starlet Ellis Brown Choir Vocals
Terry Bruce Choir Vocals
LuAnn Canavan Piano
Christ Church Choir Choir Vocals
Bob Clark Engineer, Mixed
Dan Cleary Producer, Arranger, Mixed
David Luther Cleveland Guitars
Melissa Coleman Backing Vocals
Commissioned Featured Duet
Todd Culros Assistant Engineer
Willie Davis B3 Organ
Anson Dawkins Choir Vocals
Eric Dawkins Choir Vocals
dc Talk Featured Duet
John Dickson Engineer
Dino Elefante Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Backing Vocals
John Elefante Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Drum Programming, Backing Vocals
Jennifer Enoch Backing Vocals
Joy Gardner Backing Vocals
Gold City Featured Duet
Ron Gollner Backing Vocals
Tanya Goodman-Sykes Backing Vocals
Ginger Gosney Backing Vocals
David Hall Assistant Engineer
Fred Hammond Choir Producer
Mark Hammond Drums
Vicki Hampton Backing Vocals
Yolanda Harris Choir Vocals
Don Hart String Arrangements
Higher Dimensions Sanctuary Choir Choir Vocals
Joe Hogue Producer, Keyboards, Bass, Drum Programming, Backing Vocals
James Hollihan Guitars
John Jaszcz Engineer
Kid Connection Music Backing Vocals
Brent King Engineer
Sandra Kitchen Choir Vocals
Dave Latto Assistant Engineer
Paul Leim Drums
Kevin Max Backing Vocals
Donna McElroy Backing Vocals
Toby McKeehan Backing Vcoals Producer and Arranger
Shawn McLean Assistant Engineer
J.R. McNeely Engineer, Mixed
Jerry McPherson Electric Guitar
Cheryl Meester Backing Vocals
Todd Moore Assistant Engineer
Nashville String Machine Strings
Gary Oliver Songwriter
Greg Parker Assistant Engineer
John David Parker Assistant Engineer
Petra Featured Duet
Vicki Pointer Backing Vocals
Toi Lynn Reid Backing Vocals
Steve Ripley Assistant Engineer
John Schlitt Duet Vocals, Backing Vocals
Mike Staten Choir Vocals
Gary Staten, Jr. Choir Vocals
Jackie Street Bass
Michael Tait Backing Vocals
Brian Tankersley Additional Engineering
Christy B. Taylor Choir Vocals
Brett Teegarden Engineer, Mixed
Sara Tennison Backing Vocals
Keith Thomas Producer, Songwriter, Arranger, Programming, Keyboards, Bass, Synth Guitar, Drums, Backing Vocals
Debra Washington Choir Vocals
Bill Whittington Engineer, Mixed
Hank Williams Mastered
CeCe Winans Backing Vocals
Debbie Winans Backing Vocals
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