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Five Minute Walk

Distributed by Star Song Communications.


Flicker Records is a Christian record label based in Franklin, Tennessee. It was founded by members of Audio Adrenaline. The label mainly focuses on rock/hard rock artists, though it also created a subsidiary, Big House Kids, for Christian children's music.

The label was distributed by EMI starting in 1999. Since March 24, 2006, Flicker has been a member of Provident Label Group, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment.

Flying Leap

Hip-hop imprint of the Butterfly Group, a group of record labels founded by Bob Carlisle, George King and Mike Rinaldi.

Flying Tart

Flying Tart was an independent record label based in Nashville, Tennessee. It was started by Alex Parker, formerly of R.E.X. Records, and operated from 1990 until 1997.

Fo Yo Soul

Gospel label founded by Kirk Franklin.

Fontaine House
Fools Of The World

The Seventy Sevens' own record label.


ForeFront Records is a contemporary Christian music and Christian rock record label founded in 1987 by Dan R. Brock, Eddie DeGarmo, Dana Key, and Ron W. Griffin. It was purchased by EMI in 1996 from then owners Dan R. Brock and Eddie DeGarmo and is now part of the EMI Christian Music Group.

Forerunner Music

Forerunner Music is the official record label of the International House of Prayer of Kansas City, MO, an evangelical missions organization centered on 24/7 worship and prayer. Having released more than 150 albums since its inception in 2001, the label has produced records for artists such as Misty Edwards, Laura Hackett Park and Matt Gilman. Forerunner Music albums have reached as high as No. 9 on the Billboard charts and No. 1 on iTunes’ Christian & Gospel charts.

Fortunate Fall
Four Door Entertainment
Free Rain Records

Based in Portland, OR. Now defunct label featured many top NW Christian artists.


A division of Malaco Records.

Fruit Records

This is a European label that distributes the music of Jerusalem.

Fuel Music
Full Heart Music
Fuseic Music

Guardian's own record label that they used to release some custom projects.

Gaither Music Group
Galaxy 21 Music
Getty Music

The label created by David and the Giants to release their albums independently now is the label home of several artists.

Girder Records

Glasshouse Records was founded by members of The Choir.

Glenmore Music

Record label of former Delirou5? frontman Martin Smith.

GMI Music Partners
Go Fish Kids
Godfather Records
Good News

Good News Records was distributed by Myrrh Records. In 1989, the label changed its name to Ocean Records.

Gospel Song
Gospo Centric
GrapeTree Music Group
Gray Dot
Gray Matters

Gray Matters is a record label/imprint structured underneath the Nettwerk Music Group. The label was founded in 2007 by Jars of Clay band members Dan Haseltine, Stephen Mason, Matt Odmark, and Charlie Lowell. The creation of the label was in response to the band's record contract ending with Essential Records, and the band's desiring to control their music output. The label is distributed by Provident/Integrity Distribution to the Christian and mainstream markets.