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Kelly Willard is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1977 Bruce Hibbard A Light Within Vocals
1978 Karen Lafferty Sweet Communion Electric Piano, Acoustic Piano, Vocal Arrangements, Background Vocals
1978 Kelly Willard Blame It On The One I Love! Songwriter, Arrangements, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Vocals
1979 Erick Nelson & Michele Pillar The Misfit Rhodes
1979 Bob Bennett First Things First Rhodes, Background Vocals
1979 Various Artists Hosanna Performer
1980 Amy Grant Never Alone Songwriter
1980 Karen Lafferty Life Pages - Love of the Ages Keyboards
1980 Paul Clark Aim for the Heart Female lead vocal on "Author of Love"
1980 Paul Clark Aim for the Heart Background vocals
1981 Dennis Agajanian Rebel to the Wrong Background Vocals
1981 Amy Grant In Concert, Volume Two Songwriter
1982 Various Artists Good Night Sleep Tight Vocals
1982 Maranatha! Singers Praise Six: Come and Sing Praises Songwriter
1982 Bob Bennett Matters of the Heart Vocals
1982 Harry Browning & Laury Boone Sweet Harmony Songwriter
1984 Paul Clark Out of the Shadow Duet on "Love of My Life"
1984 Twila Paris The Warrior Is A Child Background Vocals
1984 Roby Duke Come Let Us Reason Background Vocals
1986 Kelly Willard Message From a King Songwriter, Arrangements, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Vocals
1987 Twila Paris Same Girl Background Vocals
1988 Matthew Ward Fade to White Background Vocals
1988 Buddy Greene Slice Of Life Background Vocals
1989 Annie Herring Flying Lessons Background Vocals
1990 Morris Chapman Live Worship Maranatha! Singers
1990 Julie Miller Meet Julie Miller Background Vocals
1991 Bruce Carroll Sometimes Miracles Hide Background Vocals
1991 Bob Bennett Songs from Bright Avenue Vocals
1992 Roby Duke Not the Same (reissue) Vocals
1993 Bruce Carroll Walk On Background Vocals
1993 Billy Sprague The Wind & The Wave Background Vocals
1995 Bruce Carroll One Summer's Evening Live Background Vocals
1995 Buddy Greene Minstrel Of The Lord Vocals
1995 Scott Wesley Brown Misson of Praise Background Vocals
1997 Bruce Carroll For The Record Background Vocals
1998 Buddy Greene Christmas...Not Just Any Night Harmony Vocals
1998 Billy Crockett Watermarks Background Vocals
2000 Buddy Greene Re: Sinners and Saints Background Vocals
2009 Buddy Greene A Few More Years Background Vocals

Kelly Willard

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Kelly Willard (born in Winter Haven, Florida) is best known for her praise and worship recordings. She was featured as a soloist on projects from Integrity, Vineyard Music, and Maranatha! Music. In addition she sang duets and background vocals with artists like Twila Paris and Keith Green; and did nine solo projects.

Willard began playing the piano at the age of five and composing her own songs at the age of thirteen. She accompanied the church choir, playing and singing in nursing homes, and traveling with a part time gospel group on weekends. At the age of sixteen Willard moved to Nashville, Tennessee where she accompanied such groups as The Jake Hess Sound, The Archers, and Seth. She credits her vocal development to Harlan Rogers.

Willard married at eighteen, joined Harlan Rogers & Friends, and traveled the mid-west until 1977, when she moved to Southern California to be a part of the then current flow of Jesus musicians ministering and recording there. She played keyboards and sang background vocals on projects for such artists as Karen Lafferty, Bob Bennett, Tommy Coomes, Roby Duke, and Lewis McVay before Maranatha! Music approached her to record her own solo project.

After the birth of her children, Willard homeschooled them in the 1990s and later took care of her mother who was suffering with Alzheimer's. In her own words 2004 was, "the worst year of my life." Both parents died, her marriage of 29 years came to an end, and her 18-year-old daughter Haylie, struggling with depression, took her own life. She moved to Florida and became part of a church support community there.

Her latest album Paga' was a seven-year project which featured 18-year-old son Bryan on bass, and 15-year-old Haylie in a duet on the song "Beautiful Jesus". The title refers to the Old Testament priests who would take incense behind the curtain and burn it as an atonement. This is called paga in Hebrew and it means "to make intercession". "When Jesus became our sacrifice, he made the way for our prayers, praises, and worship to become like that incense to the Lord. I wanted this album to draw people to the Lord and take part in that intercession."

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