Bob Bennett

Songs from Bright Avenue

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Jan 01, 1991


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Track Listing

Title Duration
Here on Bright Avenue 00
No Such Thing As Divorce 00
Angels Around Your Bed 00
The Doing of The Thing 00
Our Codependent Love 00
My Secret Heart 00
Save Me 00
Unto the Least of These 00
Hope Like a Stranger 00
The Place I Am Bound 00
Singing For My Life 00
I'm Still Alive Tonight 00

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Member Role
Songwriter, Guitars, Vocals
Jonathan David Brown Producer
Michael Card Vocals
Gene Elders Fiddle
Dan Foster Tin Whistle
Lisa Glasgow Vocals
Paul Glasse Mandolin
Mark Hammond Drums
Brad Jennings Guitars
Greg Jennings Guitars
Phil Keaggy Guitars
Paul Leim Drums
Phil Madeira Songwriter, Keyboards
Jimmy Mattingly Fiddle, Mandolin
Danny O'Lannerghty Songwriter, Bass
Patty O'Malley Bass
Phillip Sandifer Songwriter
Larry Seyer Guitars
Marvin Steinberg Drums
David Wilcox Vocals
Kelly Willard Vocals
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