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Phase III

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May 12, 1992


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Track Listing

Title Duration
Intro 1:46
Hoods of Good 4:30
Glory Halagroovin 3:45
Terror on Tape 3:55
Freedom in Captivity 4:14
One 0:33
What We Need 4:03
Music Is My Life 5:04
Phase III 3:44
Unity 1:09
The Setting 0:38
Kill the Spirit 6:21
In the House 3:39
Swingin 4:01
Another One 0:21
Skanewpid 3:08
D.J. Dove (The Minister of Music) 4:57
113.3 3:39
Victory 4:24
More Skanewpid Stuff 1:23

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Member Role
Alliance of Light Poets
John Blaze Anzalone Background Vocals
Richard Anzalone Background Vocals
Charles Armstrong Spoken Voice
Robbie Arthurton Producer
D.J. Cartoon Producer, Scratches
Chris Cooper Producer, Mixed, Songwriter, Rap Vocals
D.J. Dove Producer, Mixed, Songwriter, Scratches
Gene Eugene Executive Producer, Engineer, Mixed
Brian Gardner Mastered
Heather Gelbman Background Vocals
Steven Gelbman Background Vocals
David Guzman Mixed
David Jahnsen Digital Editing
Sung Kim Background Vocals
Pastor Carlos Marin Preacher
Jackie McCoullough Evangelist
John John Millan Background Vocals
Ricky Millan Background Vocals
Bob Moon Engineer, Mixed
Q.P. Songwriter
Payback Bass
Anthony Pease Background Vocals
Boyd Pehrson Spoken Voice
Ojo Taylor Executive Producer
Tony Williams Keyboards
X-L Bass, Background Vocals
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