Adam Again

Live at Cornerstone 2000

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Jan 01, 2001


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A 2-CD set that includes a memorial concert by Adam Again for the late Gene Eugene on disc one, and the debut solo album entitled Prayers and Lowsongs, by Adam Again member, Greg Lawless on disc two.

Track Listing

Title Duration
Introduction 0:00
Welcome 0:00
Strobe 0:00
Dance Around In Circles 0:00
Worldwide 0:00
Hide Rudy 0:00
Deep 0:00
Dig 0:00
Stone 0:00
Don't Cry 0:00
Hopeless, Etc. 0:00
It Is What It Is (What It Is) 0:00
Homeboys 0:00
Relapse 0:00
All You Lucky People 0:00
Mystery In Me 0:00
Everytime A Child Dreams 0:00
This Blue Letter 0:00
With God As My Witness 0:00
The Puzzle Or The Clue 0:00
Seven Fallen Angels 0:00
Carousel 0:00
So Blue and Cavalier 0:00
Prayers and Lowsongs 0:00
As Curious As Eve 0:00
Stumble Into Heaven 0:00
You Were Broken 0:00

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Member Role
Karin Bergquist Vocals
Derri Daugherty Vocals
Gene Eugene Songwriter
Steve Hindalong Songwriter, Vocals
Michael Knott Vocals
Jon Knox Songwriter, Drums
Greg Lawless Producer, Songwriter, Guitars
Dan Michaels Saxophone
Riki Michele Songwriter, Vocals
Andy Prickett Guitars
Michael Roe Vocals
Paul Valadez Songwriter, Bass
Sim Wilson Vocals
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