Daniel Amos

Dig Here Said the Angel

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Jul 30, 2013


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Track Listing

Title Duration
Forward In Reverse 3:42
Jesus Wept 4:41
Dig Here Said the Angel 6:07
Our New Testament Best 4:38
Love, Grace and Mercy 5:38
Now That I've Died 5:19
We'll All Know Soon Enough 4:50
Waking Up Under Water 4:07
The Uses of Adversity 3:49
The Ruthless Hum of Dread 6:04
The Sun Shines On Everyone 5:58

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Music Stack



Member Role
Kevin Autenrieth Executive Producer
Sharon Autenrieth Executive Producer
Paul Averitt Backing vocals, Sunshine Street Choir
Jerry Chamberlain Songwriter, Guitar, Lead vocals, Backing vocals, Sunshine Street Choir
Tim Chandler Bass, Noise and infernal racket, Backing vocals, Sunshine Street Choir
Pete Coatney Sunshine Street Choir
Derri Daugherty Engineer, Mixed
Marty Dieckmeyer Sunshine Street Choir
Frank Lee Drennen Sunshine Street Choir
David Ferguson Executive Producer
Noël Ferro Sunshine Street Choir
Spencer Ferro Sunshine Street Choir
Greg Flesch Guitars, Mando-guitar, keyboards, Sunshine Street Choir
Tom Gulotta Sunshine Street Choir, Art Direction, Design, Artwork
Gary Hedden Mastered
Steve Hindalong Percussion
Brenda Howard Executive Producer
Jay Howard Executive Producer
Alex MacDougall Percussion
Ed McTaggart Drums, Sunshine Street Choir
Linda A. Miller Executive Producer
Theo Obrastoff Sunshine Street Choir
Michael J. Petri Executive Producer
Mark Prinsen Executive Producer
Paul Ramsaroop Executive Producer
Stephen S. Robertson Executive Producer
Memo Salazar Photography, Artwork
Eve Selis Sunshine Street Choir
Kevin Shafer Executive Producer
Stig Olav Skeie Executive Producer
Steve Smith Executive Producer
Debi Taylor Sunshine Street Choir
Terry Scott Taylor Producer, Songwriter, Lead Vocals, Guitar, Backing Vocals, Sunshine Street Choir
Gary Teter Executive Producer
Sara Teter Executive Producer
Eric Townsend Backing vocals, Sunshine Street Choir, Artwork, Executive Producer
Jason Townsend Sunshine Street Choir, Artwork
Richard W. Towry Executive Producer
Bob Uetz Executive Producer
Ken Van Egmond Executive Producer
Michelle Van Egmond Executive Producer
Rob Watson Keyboards, orchestral embellishments, Backing vocals, Sunshine Street Choir
Mark Zellmer Engineer
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