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Bleach to reunite to play One Stage at Slospeak

Slospeak Records just announced that Bleach will be reuniting to play JoshuaFest in Plymouth, CA this summer. The label’s A&R and General Manager, Davy Baysinger, fronted the rock’n roll band and has revived the six-piece for one more performance. In addition, Slospeak is sponsoring a stage at both JoshuaFest and AgapeFest where its four artists will perform.

Bleach (Tooth&Nail Records) disbanded in 2004, after a nine year run. They’ve plaid multiple reunion shows previously, but have never made an appearance at JoshuaFest until now.

"We were really honored to be asked to play Joshua Fest this year," said Bleach's bassist, Jerry Morrison. "Davy and Slospeak have some of the best new artists making music right now, and we are stoked to be included in their family. It will also be great to see a lot of other bands back together, like The Supertones and Five Iron Frenzy. It will be like a big ol' family reunion!" The festival runs from August 30th to September 2nd. The 30th is a day dedicated solely to Slospeak Records. Other highly anticipated acts include Relient K and Project 86.

In addition, Slospeak is sponsoring the Second Stage at AgapeFest. Pioneer, Blood and Water, SONS and Owen Pye will all be performing, in addition to various special guests. AgapeFest is May 4th and 5th in Greenville, IL. Both Pioneer and Owen Pye have played, and won, the festival's annual battle of the bands.

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