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Scott Blackwell

Jan 01, 1999
Jan 01, 1994
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Jan 01, 1992
Jan 01, 1992

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Scott Blackwell

Scott Blackwell is a Christian dance music artist, born in Fort Worth, Texas. He is generally credited with being the first artist to produce dance music for the Christian marketplace. In addition to releasing his own albums he has produced many others and has founded several record labels

Blackwell got his start as a disc jockey, eventually picking up a position supervising MYX Records, a division of Frontline Records. Upon leaving Frontline he founded N•Soul Records. By 1995 he had produced 11 projects for N•Soul Records and had acquired over 50 general market production credits. N•Soul became best known for the Nitro Praise series, which put praise and worship songs to various forms of dance music. He left N•Soul in 1999 citing concerns about the vision of the company's leadership. He then founded two record labels to focus on different genres of dance music. As of 2011, Blackwell continues to perform in clubs in the greater Los Angeles area.

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