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Jan 01, 1974
Jan 01, 1972

Dove is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1974 Dove Dove II Produced, Arranged


Band Members:

Bass, Vocals (1974)
Keyboards, Vocals
Vocals (1974)
Drums, Vocals (1974)
Bass (1972)

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Dove was an early soft rock Jesus music group that originally toured as part of Baptist evangelist Richard Hogue's SPIRENO (Spiritual Revolution Now) outreach ministry, a program of the Southern Baptist Convention that sought to harness the enthusiasm of the Jesus movement revival and shepherd newly converted youth into mainstream churches.

A publicity photo for Dove reveals four men and one woman, though they are not identified. Bob Landers was the group's leader. Randy Bugg played on the first album, then left to join Millennium. For the second record, Bob Farrell and Sonny Lallerstedt came over from Millennium. Eventually, Pat Terry would recruit Lallerstedt and Bugg from Dove to join in informing the Pat Terry Group. Farrell would record with his wife Jayne (who had also been in Millennium) as the duo Farrell and Farrell. 

When not on the road with Hogue, Dove was based in Houston, Texas. The first Dove album features a cover with graphics almost identical to those which Myrrh would employ for the debut Liberation Suite album three years later. Musically the record contains cheerful folk-rock songs. The secon album has much higher production standards and incorporates synthesizers and mellotron to fill out the camp-counselor folk tunes with an air of progressive rock.

According to Bob Farrell, Dove was the first band signed to Myrrh Records.

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