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The Ultimate Collection

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Apr 07, 2009


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Track Listing

Title Duration
So Help Me God 4:33
Colored People 4:26
Jesus Freak 4:49
What If I Stumble? 5:06
Day by Day 4:30
I Wish We'd All been Ready 3:42
Between You and Me 5:00
Say the Words (Now) 4:24
Supernatural 4:01
Consume Me 4:52
My Will 5:25
In the Light 4:56
Luv Is a Verb 3:55
That Kinda Girl 4:13
Jesus Is Just Alright 4:20
Lean On Me 4:59
Socially Acceptable 4:47
What Have We Become? 6:08
Mind's Eye 5:14
Like It, Love It, Need It 5:23
Into Jesus 4:20
The Hardway (Remix) 5:01
Sugarcoat It 3:47
Chance 3:59

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