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Bob Carlisle

Stories From The Heart

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Sep 29, 1998


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Track Listing

Title Duration
We Fall Down 6:22
I Will Shelter You 4:10
Father's Love 5:04
International 4:39
My Desire 4:38
Lately (Dreamin' About Babies) 4:05
Power of Love 3:55
Somewhere 5:26
True Believer 4:31
All of Me 4:14
In the Hands of Jesus 5:40
Father's Love (orchestral) 4:35

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Music Stack



Member Role
American Festival Orchestra Orchestra
Leigh Andrews Children's choir
Mark Baldwin Guitars
Evan Broder Children's choir
Bob Carlisle Producer, Songwriter, Guitars, Background Vocals, Vocals
Evan Carlisle Children's choir
Adrienne Cates Spanish voices
Alex Chan Assistant Engineer, Malay voices
Bill Deaton Recorded, Mixed
Linda Elias Songwriter
Rick Elias Songwriter
Brian Fullen Drums, Percussion
Regie Hamm Songwriter
Fred Hammond Guest Vocals
John Hammond Drums
Brandon Hargest Children's choir
Brittany Hargest Children's choir
Tom Hemby Songwriter, Programming, Keyboards
Mark Hill Bass
Tom Howard Songwriter, Orchestrated, Arranged, Piano, Background Vocals
Rachel Howell Children's Choir Director
Cory Hutchinson Children's choir
Curly Jones Tenor Sax
George King Executive Producer
Ty Lacy Songwriter
Willie Mapes Trumpet
Karthi Masters Tamil voices
Katthy Mattea Duet Vocals
Kyle Matthews Songwriter
Kelsey Morgenthaler Children's choir
Morten Nielsen Dansk voices
Curtis O'Donnell Trombone
Dennis Patton Songwriter, Programming, Keyboards
Glenn Pearce Guitars
Reggie Pendergrass Baritone Sax
Kyle Reeves Children's choir
J.R. Rodriguez Assistant Engineer
Arnie Roman Songwriter
Doug Sax Mastered
Lauren Smyth Children's choir
Sueli Molles E Silva Portuguese voices
Joseph Thomas Conductor
Randy Thomas Songwriter
Jacob Wang Mandarin voices
Matthew White Children's choir
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