Eric Champion

Save the World

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Jan 01, 1992


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Track Listing

Title Duration
New Crusade 0:00
Save the World 0:00
The Answer 0:00
Smilin' 0:00
Calling You 0:00
Why Do We Do? 0:00
Send Them Your Love 0:00
Politics of Compassion 0:00
Relivin' Life 0:00
Rainbow Jam 0:00
Tuffin' Up 0:00

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Member Role
Producer, Songwriter, Keyboard and Drum Programming, Lead and Background Vocals
Keith Adkins Horns
George Anderson Bass
Bonita Artaberry Background Vocals
Mark Baldwin Guitar
Rodney Booth Horns
John Bush Percussion
Jon Carey Engineer
Caprill Champion Dialogue
Chris Christian Executive Producer
Mike Eldred Background Vocals
Dan Garcia Mixed
Steve Hall Mastered
David Hughes Engineer
Ron Jones Saxophone, Flute
Marabeth Jordon Background Vocals
Keith Jourdan Horns
Debi Lee Background Vocals
Robert Leffler Engineer
Charles McCampbell Background Vocals
Deborah McCampbell Background Vocals
Derrick McCampbell Background Vocals
Jerry McPherson Guitar
Joe Ninowski Vocal Coaching, Keyboards
B.J. O'Neal Dialogue
Art Osborne Horns
Collyer Spreen Engineer
Word of Faith Choir Choir Vocals
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