Lanny Cordola

Of Riffs and Symphonies

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Jan 01, 1992


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This album features a wide variety of styles, from jazz, to blues, to metal, to Steve Via style shred, to pop. Lanny Cordola is a talented and versitile guitar player and songwriter. Lanny's former band mate, James Christian, is once again the guest vocalist on two songs. ("The Real Thing" & "Revelation.") Lanny appears as a guest guitarist on James' solo album as well.

Track Listing

Title Duration
Kaleidescope 00
Armashreddin' 00
Play It Again Shem (That Funky Music) 00
Interlude 00
The Real Thing 00
YV 00
Gettysburg 00
Won't Be Long Till Paradise 00
The Obstinate Toy Soldiers 00
Nan 00
The Revelation 00
For the Brothers 00
Donna Lee 00
Lo I Be With You Always 00

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Member Role
Producer, Arrangements, Guitars
Philip Bardowell Vocals
Gregg Bissonette Drums
Matt Bissonette Bass
Scott Breadman Percussion
James Christian Vocals
Fabulous Martin Brothers Horns
Jon Gibson Vocals
Tim Heintz Keyboards
Darrell Mansfield Harmonica
Michael Norton Bass
Allegra Parks Background Vocals
Sandra Stevens Background Vocals
Bret Taylor Vocals
Charlie Watts Producer, Engineer
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