Steve Taylor

Now the Truth Can Be Told

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Jan 01, 1994


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A two-disc box set spanning Taylor's entire recorded career including tracks from his band Chagall Guevara. Included is one new track ("Dream in Black & White"). (Credits are for the new track. See individual albums for credits for the previously issued material.)

Track Listing

Title Duration
I Want to Be a Clone 0:00
Whatcha Gonna Do When Your Number's Up? 0:00
Whatever Happened to Sin? 0:00
Bad Rap (Who You Tryin' to Kid, Kid?) 0:00
Meltdown (At Madame Tussaud's) 0:00
Sin for a Season 0:00
Guilty by Association 0:00
Hero 0:00
Am I in Sync? 0:00
Baby Doe 0:00
This Disco (Used to Be a Cute Cathedral) 0:00
To Forgive 0:00
Drive, He Said 0:00
I Just Wanna Know 0:00
On the Fritz 0:00
Lifeboat 0:00
We Don't Need No Colour Code 0:00
You Don't Owe Me Nothing 0:00
Under the Blood 0:00
Bouquet 0:00
I Blew Up the Clinic Real Good 0:00
Jim Morrison's Grave 0:00
Innocence Lost 0:00
What Is the Measure of Your Success 0:00
Since I Gave Up Hope I Feel A Lot Better 0:00
Svengali 0:00
A Principled Man 0:00
Harder to Believe than Not To 0:00
Murder in the Big House 0:00
Escher's World 0:00
Violent Blue 0:00
Winter Wonderland 0:00
Dream in Black & White 0:00
Shark Sandwich 0:00

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Member Role
Producer, Mixed, Songwriter, Keyboards, Piano, Vocals
Randy Anderson Engineer
Kerry J. Conner Guitars
Mark McCoin Drums
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