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Terry Scott Taylor

Neverhood Songs

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Jan 01, 1997


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The soundtrack to the Neverhood computer game put out by Dreamworks.

Track Listing

Title Duration
Klaymen Shuffle 0:00
Olley Oxen Free 0:00
Everybody Way Oh! 0:00
Rock N' Roll Dixie 0:00
Cough Drops 0:00
Skat Radio 0:00
Lowdee Huh 0:00
Klaymen's Theme 0:00
Operator Plays A Little Pingpong 0:00
Jose Faliciano 0:00
Homina Homina 0:00
Potatoes, Tomatoes, Gravy and Peas 0:00
Triangle Square 0:00
Dum Da Dum Doi Doi 0:00
Southern Front Porch Whistler 0:00
Confused and Upset 0:00
The Neverhood Theme 0:00
The Weasel Chase 0:00
Pulling Of The Pin 0:00
The Battle Of Robot Bil 0:00
Klogg's Castle 0:00
Time To Goof Off 0:00
Klaymen Takes The 'A' Train 0:00
Low Down Doe 0:00
Gargling Drummer 0:00
Resolution #8 0:00
An Elf Sings His ABC's 0:00
Thumb Nail Sketch 0:00
I'm Thirsty, I Need Wah Wah 0:00
Sound Effects Records #32 0:00
The Laughing, Crying, Screaming Masses 0:00
Sound Effects Record #33 0:00
B3, B.C. 0:00
Coffee and Other Just Desserts 0:00
Spring Has Sprung 0:00
Chiming In 0:00
Scary Robot Man 0:00
Playing Pool In Outer Space 0:00
Down In The Mines 0:00

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Member Role
Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Guitars, Percussion, Vocals
Bob Carr Horns
Gene Eugene Engineer, Mixed, Bass, Keyboards, WahWah, Percussion
Greg Kellogg Banjo
Ed McTaggart Drums
Janet McTaggart Background Vocals
Mike Nelson Horns
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