Jon Gibson

Body & Soul

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Jan 01, 1989


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Track Listing

Title Duration
Heart of Gold 2:59
In the Name of the Lord 4:41
Merry-Go-Round 4:47
God Will Find Ya 4:37
Father, Father 3:51
Have a Talk with God 4:22
Long Ago 4:43
Us Now 3:08
Everyone Needs the Lord 3:58

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Music Stack



Member Role
Crystal Blake Background Vocals
Jeanie Blodgett Choir
Chris Cagnolatti Choir
Curtis Cagnolatti Choir
Janis Cagnolatti Choir
Kit Charlton Guitar
Kelly Cook Choir Director, Choir
Rob Cook Choir Director, Choir
Thomas Coulter Choir
Annette Culpepper Choir
Brian Davis Engineer
Jon Gibson Co-Producer, Songwriter, Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Paul Gottschalk M-1 Korg & Roland R-8 Programming
Tia Griffin Choir
Calvin Hardaway Songwriter
Miesha Hardison Choir
Denise Haynes Choir Director, Choir
Deby Heiderschied Choir
Toni Holley Choir
Tracy Hunter Choir
Cubby Ingram Songwriter, Vocals
Terri Jones Choir
Jamieson Judd Choir
Lisa Russo Judd Choir, Background Vocals
Eric Kibbe Assistant Engineer
Stanley Kidd Choir
Darren Logan Choir
Sean McCleary Choir
Karen McKenzie Choir
James Risper Choir
Cassandra Shields Choir
Belinda Stewart Background Vocals
Brian K. Tong Executive Producer
Vinx African Drums, Cuica, Djembre
Beverly Williams Background Vocals
Darryl Williams Choir
Francine Williams Choir, Background Vocals
Bill Wolfer Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Keyboards, Bass Synth, Drums, Mac Programming
Stevie Wonder Songwriter, Harmonica
Kaaren Wyunch Choir
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