Resurrection Band

20 Years Live

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Jan 01, 1992


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Recorded live March 1992 at the Copernicus Center Theatre in Chicago.

Track Listing

Title Duration
Waves 0:00
Military Man 0:00
Afrikaans 0:00
Attention 0:00
Colours 0:00
Players 0:00
The Struggle 0:00
Fiend or Foul 0:00
Alienated 0:00
Paint a Picture 0:00
Wendi's Rap 0:00
Right on Time 0:00
Love Comes Down 0:00
White Noise 0:00
My Jesus is All 0:00
Lovespeak 0:00
In Your Arms 0:00
Bargain 0:00
Shadows 0:00
Somebody to Love 0:00
Every Time it Rains 0:00
Where Roses Grow 0:00
Light/Light 0:00
Glenn's Rap 0:00
I Will Do My Last Singing in This Land, Somewhere 0:00

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Member Role
Producer, Songwriter
Ed Bialach Engineer
Hilde Bialach Keyboards
Rev. W. H. Brewster Songwriter
Tom Cameron Producer
Dave Canfield Songwriter
Rev. Gary Davis Songwriter
Jim Denton Songwriter
Steve Eisen Saxophone
Roger Heiss Engineer
Stu Heiss Songwriter, Guitar, Keyboards
John Herrin Drums
Glenn Kaiser Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals
Wendi Kaiser Vocals
Willie Kemp Keyboards
Roy Montroy Engineer, Songwriter, Bass, Keyboards
Jace Seavers Songwriter
Darby Slick Songwriter
Pete Townshend Songwriter
Jon Trott Songwriter
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