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Oct 19, 2004

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Roper was a Christian Pop-Punk band formed in Denver, Colorado. The band consists of Reese Roper (former singer of Five Iron Frenzy) providing the vocals, Jonathan Byrnside (Lead Guitar), Jonathan Till (Bass), Stephen Till (Rhythm Guitar) and Nick White (Drums). In the early summer of 2005, Stephen Till left the band, and was replaced by Matt Emmett.

Roper’s first album, Brace Yourself for the Mediocre, was produced before the band was officially together. All songs on the album with the exception of “Day of Pigs” and “You’re Still The One” were written by Reese Roper, Masaki Liu, and Ethan Luck. Because of the incomplete state of the band at the time of the album’s release, the only current member appearing on the CD is Reese Roper. As a result, the album features many additional musicians such as Frank Lenz (Drums), Elijah Thomson (Bass), Phil Bennett (Organ), Bob Schiveley (Guitar), Masaki Liu (Guitar), Jason White (Additional Drums), Ethan Luck (Guitar), and many additional vocalists.

The band has disbanded. Roper has issued a statement regarding the status of the band. “What happened to Roper? Is it dead? - Yes. Roper was a project put together by 5minutewalk records. We had a falling out with them, and are too lazy to start over again. Everyone has real jobs now, and although we miss seeing you all, we are just going to let it die. Unless you are a record company executive that wants to give us an enormous signing bonus and not make us tour."

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