Ken Holloway

Jan 01, 1997

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Ken Holloway


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Back in the late 80's, Ken Holloway was a promising young singer from Lafayette, La. Back then he just wanted to sing country music and was hoping to be heard by someone who could further his career. He was hoping that somehow a major label could hear him and take him to the next level. He took every opportunity given to him. It didn’t matter to him if it was a bar, a rodeo, a benefit, or anything else; he would sing whenever and wherever he could.

A few events took place shortly after, and Ken did get signed to a major label…. in the Christian Country market. Ken acquired much success and accolades in that market including:

  • 8 CDs released
  • 16 # 1 singles
  • Over $400,000 in record sales
  • Sunrise Award
  • 3 time Male Vocalist of the Year
  • 2 time Record of the Year
  • 2 time Album of the Year
  • 3 time Single of the Year
  • Entertainer of the Year

Ken is now a member of the Christian Country Music Hall of Fame.

But, with many accomplishments and so much to be thankful for, something was still missing. Ken ended up taking a few years off of the road to reflect on what he truly wanted in his life. After much thought and wise words from his father, he knew he wanted to sing country music. His father would pass away shortly after this decision, but his words and encouragement would live on through Ken and his music. Ken knew then he wanted to get back to playing the kind of music he grew up on, “real country music,” as he describes it.

Not long after this Ken decided the time was right. He started a small band with his friend Blaine Sonnier and started singing in small venues – restaurants, sports bars, casinos, etc… and the calls started coming in for bookings. He has since released several singles, including “I’m Leaving,” that have been well received by country radio and fans alike. Ken is currently working on new music that he hopes to release very soon.

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