In Reach

Jan 01, 1993
Jan 01, 1992
Jan 01, 1989

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In Reach

Band Members:

Vocals, Guitars

Vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Brett Williams had a long and productive Christian music career with the band he co-founded with drummer Vince Grant in 1984, known initially as the Reach, then In Reach, and finally Brett Williams and In Reach. Williams went out on his own in 1994 following the In Reach Power and Promise album, wanting to explore the solo acoustic singer-songwriter route in more depth. He recorded an independent album titled Curio in 1995 and subsequently signed to the Absolute label, which issued Seven Days of Light in 1996. Good, laidback christian AOR CD. It's not heavy but not poppy either. Great melodies and harmony vocals, and good production for an indie release.

The first album and very nice it is too. Rock gospel with a couple of indie twinges. Rock guitar, Drums, Bass but intertwined with refreshing breaks of acoustic guitar as well. A bit like Petra meets Phil Keaggy really, in fact the lead singer actually sounds like the aforementioned gentleman though I'm certain this is by accident and not design.

Barrios, M. (2008, October 25). IN REACH & BRETT WILLIAMS-POWER & PROMISE-1993 DISCOGRAPHY AND BIOGRAPHY. Retrieved June 23, 2011, from

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