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This is the “ultimate Christian Music fan site”, documenting individuals who are and have been involved in the Christian Music industry. It is built with the help of fans like you. Please send us any information you have on CCM musicans and bands that are not already on our page. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Artist of the Day

Simon Adahl

Simon Adahl is a Swedish musician who, along with his brother Frank, began making music in 1968. They released three albums in the seventies as "Frank and Simon" before meeting brothers Bertil & Lasse Edin. Edin-Ådahl would go on to release 10 Swedish and 6 English albums between 1981 and 1994. In 1985, Simon released a solo English project on Refuge Records. He continues to perform and minister in his native Sweden, releasing two additional solo projects, Larm! in 2010 and Big Bang in 2013.