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Smalltown Poets was formed in Georgia in 1996 by high school friends Michael Johnston, Danny Stephens, and Byron Goggin, along with (then) Nashville musicians Kevin Breuner, and Miguel DeJesus....

Pray for Smalltown Poets

Michael and Amy Johnston are launching their son Larkin to college in August!

Miguel and Candace DeJesus are launching their son Hayden to college in August.

Noah Stephens ( Danny’s son and “sixth Poet”) is starting Track 2 of the 18 Inch Journey in June. Please pray for God to refresh, encourage, and speak clearly during this time of significant investment in Noah’s spiritual life.

Danny’s event band “The Life Atlantic” is getting more bookings. Pray for Danny’s opportunities to disciple the musicians he’s working with and wisdom and discernment for arranging his calendar.

Pray for Byron to have a great summer of building memories and bonding with his two children.